Meet Our Restaurants


The chef Jhosef Arias gives us in Madrid the highest demand for Peruvian cuisine. For this reason, he has created three Peruvian restaurants with a very complete offer, such as Piscomar By Jhosef, Callao24 By Jhosef and Capón By Jhosef, constituting the sum of the three the most typical Peruvian gastronomic offer. original, attractive and authentic of Madrid and possibly of Spain.


Located among the best Peruvian chefs, at present. Jhosef Arias takes us on a journey full of flavors and experiences that make him an authentic Peruvian cuisine in Spain.


We invite you to book in our restaurants  P  I  S  C  O  M  A  R ,  C  A  L  L  A O  2  4  y  C A P O N.