Peruvian Catering

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We are awared that succes of any business events or familiar celebration, is the result of the sum of a lot of details, because of that we adapt ourselves to your needs and we offer  you solutions for the right development of your idea or event.


Jhosef Arias group brings to your celebration, business, home or meeting all the necessary to make your event a SUCCESS. In our catering we care about all those details that integrate a great event, particular, formative, corporate or business.


We offer you our professional team, as well as our dedication in a personalized and customized way, to guarantee the success of your event. From the communication team until the kitchen team, through the room and marketing team, they will be committed to provide the best possible service for the event.

However complex or simple the event is the By Jhosef group offers a set of services that will make EVERYTHING easy, agile, professional and with guarantee.


Contact information

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We will bring authentic dishes from Peru to your event!



For more information, contact our commercial department using the following form:

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