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What is Bold Kitchen?


Bold Kitchen is a gastronomic space where you can find daring cuisine. This project takes place in Madrid, created by Chef Jhosef Arias who launches a projects which was born  with two main objectives:


  • A training space to provide his teams with a profesional training.
  • A cross-disciplinary space to offer to the public in general a hostelry training center where everybody can interact with both peruvian and world gastronomic culture, as well as living a 360º experience with teachers, chef instructor, showman, and invited artists.


Chef Jhosef Arias has developed  Bold Kitchen with the aim to provide unique and daring experiences never seen before in Madrid.


Our proposal

In BOLD Kitchen classes are designed in order that anyone can learn whatever their previous experience is. We have joined in one place cookery classes and a social experience, where supervised by a well-known chef, it will be learnt to prepare delicious dishes, and then be able to eat them taking part in an entertaining and informal meeting.


What kind of food will you learn to prepare?

Behind this ambicious project  is chef Jhosef Arias, responsible for making a demanding professional selection in hostelry specialties for Bold kitchen, therefore the recruitment is going to be very exhaustive, with the aim to attract new cuisine cultures, authentic and with a heart. In Bold kitchen we will teach you techniques, tricks and methods to prepare the most delicious traditional dishes and others more innovative from the  modern  and avant-garde cuisine. In addition, you will learn to prepare sweet and salty dishes from different gastronomic cultures all over the world, deciphering the most curious secrets to surprise your family and friends at home.



15th, Carrera de San Francisco, 28005, La Latina
Telephone 686 168 885