Chef Jhosef Arias

Chef Jhosef Arias In Madrid Fusion 2019Chef Jhosef Arias


Jhosef Cristopher Arias Salinas is a 30-year-old peruvian chef  who started his career at Inteci Gastronomic School of  Peru studying professional studies, practicing and achieving experience in the best Peruvian restaurant and well.known “cebicherías”. This is the reason why his specialty is the cuisine based on fish and seafood.

In Spain he belongs to the cooking team of the by Meliá hotel group as Chef de partie.


Catering peruano Madrid Jhosef Arias

His Restaurants


In his restaurants he offers an innovative cuisine and an authentic style taking care of every single detail with the aim to making customers enjoy a pleasant and joyful moment during their lunch or dinner.


In 2013 he and his wife decided to start their own peruvian restaurant,Restaurante Piscomar ® By Jhosef.  Piscomar was born from the passion for Peruvian cuisine, a mixture of exquisite sea flavours in fusion with the most current gastronomy in order to offer their best dishes. The result is a delightful selection of peruvian dishes for the most demanding palates.


Nowadays, Piscomar restaurant, has become to the best rated restaurant in Spain, according to website ranking.

In 2015, and after the success of his restaurant Piscomar, he wants to go on offering  the authentic Peruvian cuisine in Madrid, he starts a new adventure opening a new restaurant,Callao24 ® By Jhosef, bringing Peruvian street food to Madrid streets (wagon food).


An adventure that in author’s tapas format takes place in the Spanish capital, near to Puente de Vallecas subway station.  At present, the Callao24 restaurant has become the 2nd best rated in Madrid  and the 3rd best rated in Spain, according to website ranking.


In February 2018, Piscomar restaurant by Jhosef Arias moves to Latina street in Madrid. Peruvian cuisine influence goes on growing in Madrid capital. Jhosef Arias group moves his restaurant Piscomar to one of the most tourist places in Madrid. Latina street (in the central district) is the new scenario por Peruvian cuisine lovers.


A more spacious and full of magic place


This is how our customers want it. The great demand which has been attended by

Piscomar by Jhosef Arias made it necessary to move to a more spacious place. A place bigger than 400 square meters, placed in the well know area of La Latina in Madrid, it will be its new headquarters, at Carrera de San Francisco,15 a historic building in front of San Francisco El Grande Basilica,  a legendary and full of magic place.


In this new place, the restaurant will offer all thePiscomar’s  traditional and successful specialties, such as fish and seafood. But, all them, served in a local with the following facilities:


  • Spacious bar with tables.
  • Restaurant area.
  • Chillout special area.
  • Reserved places to celebrate events for instance, celebrations, business meetings, cooking workshops, gastronomic meetings, products presentations, tastings, etc.
  • A lovely terrace facing the San Francisco el Grande Basilica.


In February 2018, he opens  his  third restaurant  Restaurante Peruano Capón  which offers Chifay and Nikkey cuisine, in the previous location of Piscomar restaurant at 4th San Isidoro de Sevilla in Madrid.


The aim of this new bet is to transmit and make gastronomy lovers know the Asian influence in Peruvian cuisine. In this way Jhosef Arias group goes on showing the long culinary tradition that exists in his country.

The name of this restaurant is taken by the street where it is placed the famous Chinese neighborhood of Lima: Capón street.


At Capón restaurant the most remarkable is its Chifa cuisine recipes (imported and adapted cuisine to our palate by chinese immigrants in Peru) and Nikkei Cuisine ( crossbreeding of japanese and peruvian cuisine. It was born at the domestic context and it will not arrive to taverns and restaurants until the late 70’s).


In February 2018 Jhosef Arias closes the loop creating the concept #PasaporteaPerú  at last you can go over all gastronomic influences in Peru  without  leaving Madrid, now you can make a culinary trip to Peru under the management of Chef Jhosef Arias.


la cocina peruana de Jhosef Arias


Participations and recognitions


Chef Jhosef Arias goes on with his career spreading peruvian cuisine, to give some examples, he has taken part in:

  • “Madrid Fusión 2018” as invited Chef by Promperú
  • “Madrid Fusión 2017” as invited Chef by Promperú
  • “Gastrofestival Madrid 2017” as competitor restaurant representing peruvian gastronomi.
  • “Restaurants in the ceviche route of Madrid.”
  • Participant restaurant in the first initiative “Cómete Perú” of com
  • Invited Chef “Festival Gastronomía Peruana 2016”, Moscú (Four Seasons Hotel)
  • Invited Chef “Festival Gastronomía Peruana 2015”, Rabat (Morocco).
  • Participation Fruit Fusión (Fruit Attraction 2015) as invited chef invitado for the workshop offered by the Peruvian embassy about peruvian cuisine.
  • Invited chef Festival Gastronomía Peruana 2015, Rabat (Morocco).
  • “Madrid Fusión 2015” invited Chef by Promperú
  • Participation in different radio programs, Gastroradio, La Hora Blanca de la Gastronomía (Es Radio), Cada Ser, Gato Gourmet, (es Tu Radio) Rutas con sabor